KCS Virtual Program - Frequently Asked Questions


The KCS Virtual program differs from remote learning students experienced due to Covid-19 last Spring. The KCS Virtual program does not utilize the Schoology learning management system and students are not assigned to the teacher that they would have if they were physically attending school. While in remote learning, a student may be assigned daily or weekly work that has a specific due date. Virtual courses are asynchronous and students will have the entire semester of content available to them from the beginning. There are no due dates or time requirements in the virtual program and students are free to work ahead. Virtual and remote learning do have some similarities. Both experiences allow students to work with a teacher who will grade their work, provide formative and corrective feedback, and supplemental material if needed. Both options allow students to stay enrolled at their school and participate in activities, clubs, and sports while not physically attending their school for classes. Virtual and remote learning can also both meet the needs of students with an IEP or 504 plan.
There are no costs for the parent to assume. KCS Virtual participants are given the curriculum, technology device, and support for free.
Virtual students are enrolled at their local school. However, rather than taking their classes physically in the building, they complete their courses virtually.
The content standards are the same, but it might not be in the same order as a classroom teacher. We have an orientation with the student and parent before we begin to make sure everyone is comfortable with how to use the online platform. We will also provide a pacing plan for each week to guide you. However, our students can work at a faster pace if they want and even finish classes or school before the end of the school year.
Kanawha County Schools will provide each student with an iPad as well as the technology support, free of charge.
Students can participate in sports as well as school functions and clubs.
Both, we use the courses, but KCS tailors the program to ensure parents and students are supported in our virtual community.
Students can still attend and go to Ben Franklin or Carver Career Center while in the program.
Students can participate in the KCS Virtual Program part time while taking one or more classes physically at their school.
Everything is web-based with the exception of the printable activities in our Elementary program. You can also use any device as long as you have the internet. We will provide your child an IPad to use while they are in the program. If they are in the Elementary program, we will print everything and organize it in a binder to give to you at orientation.
KCS Virtual students receive the same credits as they would if they were attending school physically.
Your virtual teacher will be your point of contact in regards to assignments, however, the KCS Virtual staff are also here to support you and the child.
The virtual program has a math tutor avaliable twice a week for our students, free of charge. The tutor can meet with you physically at the KCS Board of Education or virtually. We also have a lab avaliable twice a week to come and work or receive technology support.
Your child will be assigned a virtual teacher for each course that is contracted through the West Virginia Department of Education.
Absolutely. Accommodations and modifications will be made according to the 504 or IEP plan. Services will still be provided.
There is a 2 week trial period. If this program is not for you or your child, then you can choose another option.
Yes, parents receive more intense training since they will be assisting their child more. Students receive a binder and complete assignments on paper to continue their development of writing and fine motor skills. Students also have weekly virtual meetings with their virtual teacher too.
No, the teacher will schedule this around the parent’s time. The majority are one on one, but sometimes they plan to meet as a group for fun interactive activities.
We will have a pacing guide for you at orientation. Yes, you can start 2nd semester earlier too. You do not have to wait, but you can if you choose to.
No, they can either go to their school to take the test or come to the board and take the test with a virtual staff member.